Music and Lyrics by
Doug Goodwin ASCAP

   It's easy to be overwhelmed
   with the many demands of living
   'cause when one thing's done
   there's two more things to do
   But despite the confusion
   and all the fuss
   and the running around in a daze
   I've discovered how to run the race
   I've learned how to slow my pace ...

   EVERYDAY I look around and see

   The brand new world that life is offering me

   And EVERYDAY I take one hour

   to stop and rest and think and smell one flower

   'cause this is it Right now is all I've got

   And it's all up to me if it's going to work or not

   That's why EVERYDAY In my own special way

   I have more fun

   I feel more sun

   I Live more Love more Laugh more









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